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Medical Science

1 Years
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The Medipathways Pre-Med is a unique 1-year programme taught in Central London on the campus of Birkbeck, University of London. It is validated by the University of Buckingham, awarding successful graduates of this course a Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE.) in Medical Science. This is equivalent to 120 credits at Level 4. The Medipathways Pre-Med has been developed for students who have been unsuccessful at securing an offer to medical/dental school, students who want to increase their chances of getting an offer, and students who want a variety of opportunities to follow their ambition of studying medicine or dentistry. The course content is identical to the first stage of our unique 2-year BSc., and successful graduates of this 1-year programme who have not secured a place at medical or dental school may opt to transfer directly into the 2nd stage of our 2-year BSc. or 3-year BSc. and then re-apply for medical or dental school in the UK or abroad.
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Venue details

Student life

As a Medipathways student, you will enjoy the full student experience, both from an academic and social perspective, and also be able to experience everything London has to offer. London is home to more than 100,000 international students – more than any other city in the world. Studying in a truly influential, global city has many advantages. With a rich heritage, London is a bustling and dynamic capital. World-renowned as the city of entertainment London boasts over 100 theatres in West End’s “Theatreland“, the largest theatre district in the world; numerous world-class art galleries such as the Tate, Tate Modern and the National Gallery; over 200 museums, from the world-famous British Museum and Victoria & Albert museum to the less well-known, but equally impressive, Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum and Photographer’s Gallery; one of the world’s coolest clubbing scenes including the Ministry of Sound London which attracts 5000 people each weekend; markets for all tastes including the infamous gourmet Borough Market for foodies; Covent Garden for handicrafts and ancient Portobello Road market selling everything from fruit and bread to posters; vintage and designer clothes and, of course, loads of antiques since the 1800s. Outside the capital, there is a vast expanse of beautiful countryside and captivating cities waiting to be explored.

Why study this course

We recommend the Medipathways Pre-Med if… - You have very high A-level grades (AAA) but narrowly missed out on direct entry into medical or dental school in the UK, or failed interview(s), UKCAT or BMAT, or had an unsatisfactory personal statement or work-experience profile and would like to try again for entry the following academic year. - You would like the option to progress directly onto a BSc in the UK in case you do not secure a place for medicine or dentistry. - You would like to perhaps consider studying medicine or dentistry in mainland Europe or the Caribbean in case you do not secure a place in the UK.


Bloomsbury House

4 Bloomsbury Square



United Kingdom

More about this course

The 1-year Pre-Med provides you the opportunity to re-apply for medicine in a supported manner whilst gaining valuable knowledge. Gain relevant knowledge and skills with access to a huge range of resources, all whilst studying in the heart of London. The Medipathways video explains all the options you have to access Medical or Dental School with us, in just 3 short minutes. Check out our video at If you want to find out more please get in touch. Everything you want to know about us is at:

Modular structure

Level 4: Doctors Patients and Health, Molecular Cell Biology, Brain Muscle and Control, Gut Hormones and Metabolism, Circulation and Fluid Balance, Matter and Energy in Medicine --- Students additionally receive support in preparing for UKCAT, BMAT or GAMSAT exams; and guidance on personal statements and medical school selection and interviews.

Skills and experience gained

The 1-year Pre-Med course provides a structured pathway into medicine or dentistry for all our eligible students. A comprehensive foundation covers a broad range of topics from cell biology to physiology to ethics. Students leave with a CertHE preparing them for future study in Medicine or Dentistry.

After the course

Students who complete the Medipathways Pre-Med can progress directly onto a medical or dental school either in the UK or with a partner university overseas. Alternatively, students may progress directly onto the second year of our 2-year BSc or 3-year BSc programmes.
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